My passion for running and politics and for Asheville are pushing me to run …..

I love fighting for LGBT rights, fighting to protect the precious environment that we live and love in Asheville, and fighting for the citizens of our fine town.

To be blunt, I’m a working man and I do not have the hefty bankroll to run for City Council.  But, as I have the ideas to make this a better place to call home, I have faith that my fellow citizens will support my run.  I intend  to run for City Council only through a grassroots campaign, so every dollar that is donated will go along way for our movement.

I will make no yard signs or engage in environmentally harmful and unsightly political advertising. I will mount a serious and involved campaign using today’s technology via the Internet, Twitter,  and Facebook. 

 In addition, I firmly support Marc Hunt and his campaign for City Council and would like to again thank him for donating to Blue Ridge Pride on behalf of the Asheville Front Runners, an LGBT running/walking group that I started this past January. Thanks again, Marc, and I look forward to joining you on City Council in ’11.

So, who wants to help me run this town? Donate today, every dollar counts.


TJ Thomasson

Approved by the Movement to Elect TJ to Asheville City Council

You may donate via paypal by sending a donation to my account:  or  send me an email to find out other ways to support my campaign.
In addition, checks may be mailed to 22 Normandy Road, Asheville, NC 28803.


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  1. Dee Dee Allan

    You and Marc have my votes, hands down! We need more people in City Hall who aren’t afraid of making people mad, who will speak truth to power, who will speak up for the marginalized – whether they be GLBTQ, homeless, handicapped, immigrants, minority, or anyone else that doesn’t get a listen by the power brokers in this town.

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