It’s official! I am in the race and running for Asheville City Council

ASHEVILLE — My name is TJ Thomasson, and I am here to recruit you to elect me to the next Asheville City Council. Thomasson, a North Ashevillian and community organizer, will make his candidacy official with the Buncombe County Board of Elections on Friday, July 15.

Thomasson, founder of the Asheville Front Runners, a LGBT running/walking and advocacy group based in Asheville, has been active in the community for the past six years. In addition to starting the Front Runners, he is active with the outspoken gay rights group, GetEqualNC.

Thomasson, 35, has two young daughters and wants them to grow up in a healthier atmosphere – both physically and socially. TJ works in Asheville’s thriving tourism industry and is on the Asheville Track Club Board of Directors. He has volunteered with the Asheville Downtown Association and Blue Ridge Pride.

However, TJ isn’t just a gay candidate for a city known for its progressive and LGBT-friendly atmosphere. He is a candidate for all of Asheville and supports a city that is healthier, greener and most of all, happier in this great paradise in the mountains.

Thomasson knows that we will be unable to call this a paradise if the current downward trend continues as more and more anti-enviromental policies are being shoved down our throats from Raleigh. First and foremost, we must protect the environment and protect our steep slopes from irresponsbile development.

Thomasson supports equal rights for women and minorities in addition to the LGBT community. He promotes a safe community for all of its citizens and will do whatever it takes to close loopholes in existing ordiances that do not protect the citizens of Asheville as they should. Thomasson will champion a bold and healthier Asheville. Our city is ready to lead the state in what is right when it comes to the environment, LGBT rights and a healthier lifestyle.

As an active runner, TJ has competed in nearly 100 races from 5Ks to marathons. So, Thomasson is ready for the run for City Council. He will not only be putting his name on the ballot for Asheville City Council, Thomasson plans to show each and every Ashevillian his dedication for his beloved city by running each and every mile of the city limits.

Yes, that is right. TJ will actually be running each and every street of Asheville, beginning today through Election Day. Every Ashevillian can follow TJ’s progress on his website, Thomasson will lace up his shoes and meet all of Asheville’s fine citizens that choose to greet him as he pounds the pavement and runs every city mile between today and Election Day. In addition to his website, you can follow TJ on twitter @tjrunner.

Thomasson will make his candidacy official around 9am on the final day to file for the three open seats for Asheville City Council. He welcomes local media to the Buncombe County Board of Elections to photograph the filing and/or to interview him.

After the filing and after a day of work, TJ plans on return to the heart of the city he loves and enjoying one of our jewel parties, Downtown After Five. Thomasson will also be attending the Blue Ridge Rollergirls bout on Saturday at the Asheville Civic Center. He also has some planned activities to allow Asheville to get to know him better in the coming weeks.

Thomasson welcomes all Ashevillians to join him and his running/walking group this and every Sunday morning at Carrier Park at 9 a.m. for a gentle walk or run and to learn more about his ideas. In turn, he looks forward to learning more about what all citizens of Asheville want from its next Council.


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