Run, run, TJ

Bele Chere, Scottish Gaelic for ‘beautiful life,’ takes its toll.  After getting off work on Friday afternoon, TJ hurried over to the festival and volunteered at the booth for Youth OutRight until closing (10 pm).  And he’ll be up early in the morning on Saturday, taking part in the Bele Chere 5K, starting at 7:30 am.  For most folks, there is no 7:30 am on a Saturday morning: we’ll check for the results in the Sunday paper.  The rest of you can join TJ at McCormick Field.  He’s the one dressed like the FTD Florist guy.

After a short rest, TJ will go to his favorite stomping ground, Carrier Park in West Asheville, for the Campaign for Southern Equality’s Family Dinner, starting at 5:00 pm.  Bring an appetizer or dessert and a beverage (no alcoholic beverages in Carrier Park).  Come on out and network with the LGBT community and its allies while enjoying home-cooked food al fresco.

TJ will be back in Carrier Park, in his running shoes (will they still have wings on them?), on Sunday morning for an easier run or gentle walk with the Asheville Front Runners at the more civilized hour of 9:00 am.  Come run with TJ and tell him your story.


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