Run, TJ

Having lived in Asheville for the past six years, I have grown to love this town because of its scenic wonder, its progressive politics, and its friendly and diverse community.   Running has always been a passion of mine; now, I want to help run this town.  I have run nearly 100 races, including three marathons, and owe my success in that department to the support I have gotten from Asheville’s many runners, walkers, and hikers.  This passion led me to found Asheville Front Runners, an LGBT running/walking group.

While running is my passion,  my two children, ages 9 and 7, are my inspiration. It is because of my two daughters that I want to run for City Council, to make this a city where children will have alternatives to sedentary  activities, a city with safe streets–with sidewalks–and safe parks. We owe it to the next generation to instill good habits with regard to physical exercise, just as we owe our children a good education, proper nutrition, and health care.  Children need green spaces in order to grow and thrive–and it doesn’t hurt grown-ups either.

In addition to being a runner, a father, and an environmentalist, I am an LGBT activist. I have been part of  a few demonstrations, including a recent one in which two dear friends of mine stood up for my rights and the rights of the LGBT community in the North Carolina legislature and went to jail for it. I will continue to fight for what is right: equality for all.  The struggle for LGBT equality has strong ties to the women’s movement, the civil rights movement, and the immigrants’ rights movement.  In sum, it is a seamless continuation of American history, a country born from a desire to be free.

I urge you to support me in my efforts to protect our environment and to enrich the lives of all Ashevillians. I urge you to help me run this town. You may do so by donating today. Please donate a dollar or two or more if you can. You may donate through my paypal account at


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